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Красота и волосы

“DNA of makeup” is here to step your pro-makeup game up!

Guess what?

 Ukraine-based makeup coach Natalia Naida, top makeup artist with over 20 years of experience has released her “DNA of makeup” as an e-book in English! In it, she will share her professional makeup tips and tricks with you!

Do you want to know what’s in there for you? Let us give you a sneak peek: 215 pages of pure knowledge, amazing illustrations and schemes, step-by-step info, one of a kind! This book will get you through all those challenges a makeup artist is bound to face and give you a new look on the composition.

Who is it for?

Makeup pros and tutors open for new approaches and knowledge;

Advanced makeup artists in search of stepping up their game;

Makeup newbies desiring to get well-structured knowledge and confidence.

What do I get?

There’s a fair chance you’ll discover makeup from a different angle and the world won’t be the same;

You’ll get to fill in the gaps or strengthen your knowledge in topics you’re not too confident in;

Outstanding structure for everything you knew before.

What topics does the book cover?

Texture, shapes and colors;

Proportional harmony;

Perfect complexion;

In-depth overview of skin types and specific tips on acne-prone skin;

Chromatic issues;

And so much on